Episode 5: Luna-C, Part One – Rave Commandments, depression & happy drugs

Kniteforce Records breakbeat hardcore legend Luna-C (AKA Christopher Howell) joins ROAR: The 90s Rave Podcast for the first of a typically frank two-part interview to discuss how he set up the longest-running label in hardcore, was inspired to create music by bouts of depression, and why his records were so popular – plus we test […]

Episode 4: Slipmatt, Part Two – Acid House, The Prodigy & kisses from Kylie

Godfather of Hardcore DJ Slipmatt rounds off his exclusive two-part interview with ROAR: The 90s Rave Podcast where he discusses his early days in the rave scene, briefly becoming a pop star and his pals The Prodigy – plus we test his memory with a Slipmatt Megamix of his own tunes!

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