Episode 19: MC Flux ‘Rhymes & Crimes’ Special, Part 2

** WARNING: CONTAINS CONTENT THAT VIEWERS WILL HOPEFULLY FIND OFFENSIVE ** ROAR: The ’90s Rave Podcast continues our ‘MC month’ with the unmissable climax to our ‘Rhymes & Crimes’ special with Moving Shadow host MC Flux, which peels back the dark underbelly of the ’90s rave scene.

Episode 18: MC Flux ‘Rhymes & Crimes’ Special, Part 1

** WARNING: CONTAINS CONTENT THAT SOME LISTENERS WILL HOPEFULLY FIND OFFENSIVE ** ROAR: The ’90s Rave Podcast goes dark as our special ‘MC month’ continues with a ‘Rhymes and Crimes’ special with Moving Shadow‘s resident host MC Flux, which peels back the dark underbelly of the ’90s rave scene.

Episode 17: MC MC, Part 2 – Straddling genres, onstage engagement & swapping rave for the rat race

In the second and final part of ROAR: The ‘90s Rave Podcast interview with MC MC the legendary mic man – AKA Maurice Capillaire – discusses why he took drugs while performing, the difficulties he had straddling jungle and happy hardcore, and how he left rave music to become a respectable Los Angeles businessman.

Episode 16: MC MC, Part 1 – High times, low times & a Fearless fallout?

In this much-awaited first of a two part episode, legendary rave mic man MC MC – AKA Maurice Capillaire – gives a rare interview to ROAR: The ’90s Rave Podcast direct from his home in LA where he discusses how he became one of the ’90s rave scene’s most loved MCs via a spell in prison, his close relationship with […]

Episode 15: Scorpio – From fields to festivals & a load of sweatboxes in-between

ROAR: The ’90s Rave Podcast goes hard with Scorpio, one of the most loved rave DJs of the 1990s. In this 90-minute interview, Scorps – AKA Simon Mitchell – talks about how he helped build the UK’s hardcore techno scene from his small corner of the Southwest, became a crowd-pleasing resident at Helter Skelter‘s famous ‘Technodrome‘, and brought harder styles […]

Episode 14: DJ Rap, Part 2 – Creating a jungle masterpiece, popstar life & still pushing boundaries

In the second and final part of DJ Rap‘s exclusive in-depth interview with ROAR: The ’90s Rave Podcast, Rap – AKA Charissa Saverio – tells us how she created her most famous jungle tune while still buzzing after a rave, what it’s like to tour the world as an international popstar, and the Propa Talent boss insists her best work is […]

Episode 13: DJ Rap, Part 1 – Saved by rave, jungle proposals & Ratpack performing in the living room

DJ Rap tells ROAR: The ’90s Rave Podcast in the first of an exclusive two-part interview how the rave scene saved her life, partying like there there was no tomorrow while making it as a top female DJ and producer in a sexist man’s world, and the truth about her very public (and brief) engagement to MC MC onstage at […]

Episode 12: Ray Keith, Part 2 – The Remix King, acting up & a sense of Dread

In the second and final part of his interview with ROAR: The ’90s Rave Podcast, rave originator Ray Keith talks about why he became the go-to man for a jungle and drum and bass remix in the 1990s, why he started his infamous Dread Recordings label and his love of acting.

Episode 11: Ray Keith, Part One – Grafter, Fighter & Pioneer

Morning ROAR crew, we are delighted to announce part one of our latest podcast interview is out today with rave originator Ray Keith (OFFICIAL) – and, by popular demand, the whole thing is filmed on video on YouTube, as all of our content will be from here on it! But for those who like listening, […]

Episode 10: Force & Styles, Part Two – MC Junior’s brown eyed girl & Dougal’s first beer

In the second and final part of our exclusive rare joint interview with Force & Styles, ROAR talks to the renowned happy hardcore about their much-loved MC Junior’s incarceration, passing and unique recording style – including a surprising revelation about one of their biggest hits – and how they came to work with esteemed vocalist […]

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