Episode 9: Force & Styles, Part One – Happy Hardcore’s peak, chart interest & THAT crisis DJ meeting

The day’s finally arrived as we launch episode one of our rare exclusive interview with Force & Styles.The much-loved duo Darren Styles and Paul Hobbs tell R.O.A.R: The ’90s Rave Podcast how they came to be the scene’s biggest act, and struggled to balance interest from the mainstream music industry with what ravers wanted on […]

Episode 8: Bryan Gee, Part Two – Raving, radio & doing time

V RECORDINGS founder DJ BRYAN GEE talks to R.O.A.R: The ’90s Rave Podcast about his early days raving to acid house, running a 24/7 pirate radio studio from his bedroom for four years, and getting sent to prison the day after the birth of his only child. Plus we test his specialist Mastermind subject – […]

Episode 7: Bryan Gee, Part One – Rave racism, rewriting jungle history & football thug beatings

V RECORDINGS don Bryan Gee doesn’t hold back as he chats exclusively to R.O.A.R: The ’90s Rave Podcast about his experiences of racism in the rave scene, the controversial recent Drum & Bass Arena documentary, and how he helped the genre became an international juggernaut by launching the careers of some of its biggest names […]

What is it about the ’90s rave scene that everyone loves so much?

Seems like a weird question doesn’t it? If you raved throughout the 90s, you’ve probably never given a great deal of thought as to why it was the best decade for dance music. You were there and you had a jolly old time, but life is different now. You don’t have the time for nostalgia do […]

Episode 6 – Luna-C, Part Two – Fame, groupies & Ian Beale

Kniteforce Records breakbeat hardcore legend Luna-C (AKA Christopher Howell) completes his fascinating two-part interview with R.O.A.R: The ’90s Rave Podcast by recalling the time when he found fame, fortune and girls with the Smart-Es, how Posh Spice helped him set up his label, and EastEnders’ Ian Beale was rude to him – plus find out […]

Episode 5: Luna-C, Part One – Rave Commandments, depression & happy drugs

Kniteforce Records breakbeat hardcore legend Luna-C (AKA Christopher Howell) joins ROAR: The 90s Rave Podcast for the first of a typically frank two-part interview to discuss how he set up the longest-running label in hardcore, was inspired to create music by bouts of depression, and why his records were so popular – plus we test […]

Episode 4: Slipmatt, Part Two – Acid House, The Prodigy & kisses from Kylie

Godfather of Hardcore DJ Slipmatt rounds off his exclusive two-part interview with ROAR: The 90s Rave Podcast where he discusses his early days in the rave scene, briefly becoming a pop star and his pals The Prodigy – plus we test his memory with a Slipmatt Megamix of his own tunes!

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