’90s Rave Podcasts?

So it’s the beginning of May, Covid lockdown is happening, and as a result they have closed my workplace and I am temporarily out of a job.

The phone rings. It’s Tom.

I’ve known Tom for at least 21 years and he’s never phoned me. I’m not even certain he has ever had my phone number for that matter, until this point.

My relationship with Tom was very much a ‘bump into each other at raves’ scenario up and down the country a few times a year. You know, have a gossip in the chill out area, smoke a cigarette, that sort of thing. The ravers among you reading this will recall the many regular faces from partying that belong to people you’ve never met outside of an actual event. Unless you count pre-drinks in pubs and miserable train journeys home from far flung places in the small hours of the morning.

Anyway I digress; the phone rings and it’s Tom. He says he wants to start a series of Podcasts about the 90s Rave scene and would I like to be his co-host? There were lots of potential scenarios I envisaged during Boris’ lockdown; martial law, mass rioting, apocalypse, zombie outbreak, etc. Interviewing big name 90s rave DJs, MCs, Promoter and Producers was not one of them. The answer was of course, yes. Total no-brainer.

I have been somewhat involved in the rave scene for a long time. As Cris.E.Manic, I have had slots on two pirate stations (Addiction FM and Eruption FM) and DJ’d around the country plus Europe and USA. I have co-owned a record label, made a handful of tunes and I have promoted my own events. I have written reviews for rave magazines and spent time climbing around on rooftops of tower blocks in the name of pirate radio. I have even managed to get a small vocal snippet in a tune despite having a voice only a mother could love.

90s Rave Podcasts

Basically, when it comes to the rave scene, I’ve dabbled here, there and everywhere. Most of you will have no clue who I am, what my label was or be able to name any of my tunes. I’m all good with that – I’m no DJ Rap that’s for sure. But while many around me were on an endless journey seeking recognition and a platform into the big time, I was just happy to contribute in some small way to a scene that has given me so much joy for most of my life.

90s Rave Podcasts

I am therefore chuffed beyond belief to have the opportunity to collect everyone’s favourite memories and moments from the best decade of raving and put them all together in a series of podcasts that will take us all back in time.  

The bad news of course is that you will occasionally have to listen to my voice. Sorry about that 😉

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