I don’t really know Tom to be honest, he is one of Chrissy’s 26,489 friends. Actually, according to him our first point of contact was me telling him to ‘piss off’  when he was requesting copies of my digital hardcore collection. Since then I’d probably spoken to him briefly at a couple of events over the past 3 or 4 years and that’s pretty much it….until now.

You’ve read Chrissy’s blog post right? So you know how she got involved. Well, being stuck indoors with her during Covid lockdown meant it was impossible to escape hearing about it. I kept myself busy during lockdown doing a few other projects that had started to wind down and so I saw a void appearing in front of me. Chrissy had already asked me to assist with a handful of things in the setting up of ROAR such audio clips, artwork and being the guest guinea pig for the pilot episode (which thankfully nobody will hear!) so it felt right for me to offer my services. After a quick discussion with them both, I was onboard and part of the team.

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So, who am I & what am I doing?

My involvement in the rave scene started as a raver I guess, after a year or two of listening to rave tapes and being totally transfixed by what to me was music made by aliens I started to go to proper raves. The first experience that blew my mind was Labrynth @ The 4 Aces in Dalston, I was hooked.

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From there things escalated quickly and I was soon DJing, playing on Londons pirates, producing, running record labels, opening an online record store and eventually putting on successful nights. My journey has got me into all 4 corners of the scene and I have been lucky to meet and work alongside some fantastic people. I feel proud to have achieved what I have, although its nothing compared to what our future guests can lay claim to! I cannot wait to get stuck in as the producer for the upcoming podcasts.

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