What is it about the ’90s rave scene that everyone loves so much?

Seems like a weird question doesn’t it? If you raved throughout the 90s, you’ve probably never given a great deal of thought as to why it was the best decade for dance music. You were there and you had a jolly old time, but life is different now. You don’t have the time for nostalgia do […]

Pimping up R.O.A.R, by our in-house graphics don

By R.O.A.R’s graphic designer, Sam Worlledge I was 17 and had just moved to Oxford. Making new friends in a new area never happens straight away especially when you’re waiting to start a new college course. I’d not spoken to my oldest friend Tom – R.O.A.R’s creator and host, who I’ve known since I was in […]

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