ROAR EXCLUSIVE Sunday guest mixes from the legendary DJs, MCs and producers who got you dancing through the decade.


To make the end of the weekend more bearable, rave legend DJ Slipmatt has selected some his favourite tracks from the ’90s and cooked up an exclusive mix as a treat for all our fans this evening.

Brian Gee

Following on from his interview with ROAR: The 90s Rave Podcast, V Recordings founder and legend Bryan Gee takes us into Sunday with this exclusive ’90s rave set where he goes unusually rogue and mixes up the styles. Enjoy!

Force and Styles

If you’re still clucking for more Force and Styles after hearing our rare exclusive joint interview with the duo in their 25th year, look no further. The pair have cooked us up a lovely mix of their ’90s favourites this Sunday to keep you bouncing and smiling through until part two in a fortnight..


To celebrate his rare interview with ROAR, Scorpio has kindly agreed to put together an exclusive ’90s harder styles rave mix for you all – enjoy!


Loads of you have been asking if Ribbz – the MC who also DJs – would be providing us with an exclusive guest mix. And the answer is…yes! Happy Sunday!

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